Dear Potential New Members,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Delta Sigma Pi! I applaud you for your interest in our Fraternity and seeking out resources to better yourself as well as a united group of like-minded individuals. All of us attending Pepperdine University, one of the top 50 universities in
the nation, are committed to the values of purpose, service, and leadership. What is unique about Delta Sigma Pi is that we as an organization not only build upon those values, but include
professionalism, brotherhood, and scholarship to the elite skillset of Deltasigs.

Joining Delta Sigma Pi has been one of the most beneficial and life altering decisions since I have arrived at Pepperdine. Since being initiated, I have travelled all throughout the continental United States meeting and interacting with fellow Deltasigs who are happy to share their
professional knowledge as well as opportunities, such as jobs, internships, and company tours, in the most elite companies in the world. I have gained internships in the United States, as well as London, England through connections and fellow brothers that were happy to extend their own professional network to me, simply because I was a brother of Delta Sigma Pi. Throughout my years in Delta Sigma Pi, I have honed my resume, perfected my LinkedIn, improved my public speaking, and flourished as a leader.

I speak with the greatest honesty when I say that I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of our collegiate brothers here at Pepperdine in addition to over 200 alumni since our founding at Pepperdine in Fall 2011. Each and every one of these talented individuals bring different skills to the table and help to make us one of the most diverse groups on campus, also being the first international fraternity to accept women.

I urge you to strive to find your community here in Delta Sigma Pi as well. I can guarantee you that you will not regret the lifelong membership and brotherhood that you will gain by becoming a brother of Delta Sigma Pi.

My Best,

Austin Welch

President | Rho Upsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi